Odd Encounters

IMG 2377

I was also quite taken by the wording on this storefront. 

Presumably, in the owner's mind, gourmet precludes the culinary traditions of Italy and South Africa

There may, possibly, be a case for the latter, but Italian?

Having negotiated our way back to the train, the ladies made their way to the cabins. 

Gavin and I headed for our Club Car in the vain hope of finding it open. 

IMG 6094

We were about to call it a night when we were joined by a young bloke I'd sighted with a camera and tripod over the preceding few days. 

He'd been carrying a copy of Uncut before dinner, and in the brief conversation that followed he turned out to be a regular reader of Mojo

After Gavin called it a night we sat discussing music for a good hour before I decided an uncertainty about what lay over the horizon in Perth meant that it wasn't a good idea to continue sitting up. 

Still it was one of the most enjoyable conversations I've had for many a year. 

Talking Derek TrucksLittle FeatCaptain Beefheart and Forever Changes with a young bloke in his twenties or early thirties on the Indian Pacific.  

Who'd have thought?

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