Paperwork was disposed of quickly in an environment that could have been friendlier, but when you're paying the rate that we were paying smiling courtesy and detailed explanations are an extra that would cost a bit more.

Once the paperwork was done, we claimed the chariot and prepared to negotiate our way out of Perth. 

It may come as a surprise to learn Hughesy's array of techno-skills comes to a screaming halt when you're talking GPS technology, and I had no idea how to get Karen to start doing her thing. 

A visit to the office for orientation while Madam sat in the car park with the engine running produced a rather abrupt entry of the Brand Highway as our preferred destination and a hasty retreat during which I failed to register the existence of the step leading up out of the office. 

The result? 

A sprawling Hughesy, iPod and mobile phone relocated from the breast pocket to the right-hand sleeve, a skinned little finger and a hasty undignified exit. And once she'd been installed, Karen spat out a series of directions that didn't compute with our (very basic) knowledge of the local geography.

A handy street map and a few hurried directions had us across The Causeway heading for Wildflower Country. 

Once we were on the road, Karen's directions became increasingly accurate. By the time we were into the familiar territory of the Swan Valley, she was delivering them like a little champion.

The plan was to get onto the Brand Highway and arrive at the Western Flora Caravan Park, just north of Eneabba in time for the 4:30 Wildflower Walk, with a stop at The Pinnacles on the way. 

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