Tomato Sauce With Salami And Basil

This follows on  from the Pasta Al Sugo Di Pomodoro E Accuigne recipe on the previous page. First night pizza with some of the passage, second night pasta with anchovies, then this to finish off the jar.


Olive oil

An onion, chopped or thinly sliced, depending on your own preference. I tend to halve and then slice.

125g sliced salami or pepperoni (I go for pepperoni, but if it was a standard salami I'd be adding a seeded and chopped chilli)

the rest of the jar of passata

400g can diced tomatoes

fresh basil, chopped, to taste (work from two tablespoons, then round up or down)

2 tsp sugar

200-300g pasta

METHOD: Heat the oil in a frypan or wok (we have a dedicated use this with chilli wok), add onion and salami and cook over medium heat until the onion starts to soften. Stir in passate, tomatoes, basil and sugar , stir, bring to the boil and simmer about five minutes until sauce thickens.

Cook pasta according to package directions, drain and combine with sauce.

© Ian L Hughes 2021