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With breakfast out of the way, there wasn’t much to keep us unless I took up the suggestion that I might choose to visit a vigneron. 

That would have involved making a decision, and I was just about tasted out, so we hit the frog and toad selecting the scenic route into Adelaide via Eden ValleyMount Pleasant, the Big Rocking Horse at Gumeracha and the North East Road.

Predictably, once we’d been to the Eden Valley Lookout and decided that there was no point in taking photos the weather improved. After a short break at the Big Rocking Horse where I took the time to reassure myself about the route into downtown Adelaide.

IMG 1019

On the way out of the city four days earlier, Madam had remarked on the driver-friendly layout of the city. 

I was inclined to agree as we found our way into the city centre along a very easy-to-follow route and we were refuelling the car at the servo around the corner from the Hertz depot at around eleven-fifteen.

Once the car had been returned I’d been quietly hoping actual or impending rainfall would give us an excuse not to hoof it over five or six blocks to the Hotel Grand Chancellor, but that wasn’t to be s

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