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Without alternatives before Geraldton, we decided this was the place for a meal. 

We'd had nothing more than a nibble at breakfast and weren't sure about dinner, so we found a park and made the obligatory visit to the local Information Centre to gather the Wildflower Intelligence, then lunched at a pleasant little Asian coffee shop. 

Green chicken curry and rice and a pad thai (Madam's almost invariable selection in such circumstances) kept us going in the afternoon.

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We could have ventured further afield in search of wildflowers, but the morning had satisfied Madam's photographic urges. 

So we were in Geraldton in time to book into the accommodation and make it over to the Visitor Centre before it shut at four. 

We didn't need to head that way since checking in at the accommodation revealed that the manager had been in the job for a week, and he'd previously managed the Visitor Centre. 

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