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While we listened patiently, nodding sagely, and thanked the lady for her advice. Once we were back in the car, we headed off towards Carnamah and Coorow with the possibility of lunch in the back of our minds. 

Neither township seemed to have much on offer in the eating department, so we continued towards Moora, where the information brochure suggested the Wildflower Farm to the north of town might be a possibility.

The Wildflower Farm, once we'd found our way inside, proved an interesting operation in several ways. 

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The entrance wasn't identified (or maybe we were in the wrong part of the car park). 

We found our way in through the entrance that provided access from the proprietors' living quarters and were greeted by the owner, who showed us around the processing operation. 

It was rather impressive since they have an extensive export market), offered us a cup of tea or coffee in what looked like the eating section, and left us to go about her routine out the back. 

The woman who looks after the front of house arrangements cheerily delivered the refreshments. 

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