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Various illness and incidental instances have been part of the delay. Still, I was more than aware of the amount of backlog facing me after a fortnight away. 

Madam, on the other hand, wanted to be out and about and unearthed the existence of the Citiplace Rest Centre. For $10, we could hire a locker to stow the luggage and set out for places that weren't totally specified, but would undoubtedly include Kings Park

Other cities may have similar facilities, but if they have, I've yet to identify them. I would have been quite happy to sit in the facilities at Citiplace and scribble away. Still, off we went, in search of lunch and nature photography.

We kicked around a couple of options, and could well, had Hughesy been more manipulative, have ended up lunching at Tom's Kitchen. 

Instead, we found our way to the cafe at Kings Park, where lunch was late enough to push later mealtimes back. 

The evening meal, which might or might not materialise depending on the airport's catering arrangements, became less of an issue.

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