How? (The Evolution)

Like most things Hughesy becomes involved in, what started as a rather straightforward exercise didn't take long to blow out of all proportion.

It began in 2007 as a series of blogs about the halcyon days when  Baz Luhrmann was shooting Australia at the foot of Bowen’s main street but soon became much more complicated than that. 

Once the shooting was over, I had kept the blog going by tapping out a few thoughts in other areas.

Later in 2007 or  early in 2008,  I picked up a copy of Apple’s iLife software bundle, which contained iWeb.

That software delivered the first incarnation of the metaphorical Little House of Concrete

At that point, I was working on the assumption that arriving at the home page equated to turning up at my front door. Once visitors were ushered in, where they ended up depended on what brought them to the front door. 

So we had different rooms for various interests, and that worked reasonably well.

For a while.

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