Dinner and Bed Time

The elderly couple opposite was, we learned, from Mittagong and had a son based in Toowoomba, would take a drink if they hadn't already had their happy hour. 

There were enough mutual interests to provide a flow of conversation through the rest of the evening's proceedings. 

As far as the dinner menu goes, you're looking at three courses, with a couple of options for entree and dessert and four for the main (one of them vegetarian). 

Entree choices were a prawn bruschetta or a curry-based soup. Non-vegetarian mains covered beef, Atlantic salmon and chicken. 

For dessert, you could have your cheese on a platter or in a cake. 

Serving sizes were adequate but unlikely to satisfy a hearty eater. 

I guess it's a matter of looking after the majority rather than catering for quantity. Fair enough, that was what I'd expected.

Fortunately, that doesn't extend to the wine list, which treads well clear of predictable offerings from the major chains. 

I had a glass of Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc with the entree and a Mr Riggs The Rigger Shiraz with the main, dragging it out long enough to cover the cheese platter as well. 

Quality meals, wines a cut above the average at reasonable pub or restaurant prices and I returned to the cabin a happy camper.

In our absence, the beds had been made up. 

Given the hour, lack of anything visible outside and tiredness it was a case of straight to bed, though both of us took a while to nod off.

© Ian L Hughes 2021