Friday, 27 August 2010

IMG 7422

Most people probably wouldn't choose leftover Beef Vindaloo for breakfast. Still, most people probably wouldn't have selected it for dinner the night before.

Most people would also probably suspect Hughesy would have been pencilling in a frantic rush around as many wineries as possible. After all, this was our last day in Margaret River, and we planned to be on the road to Singleton Beach by two at the very latest, 

That's not, however, the way I was thinking. 

For a start, we needed to pick up thank you gifts for friends back east, and I'd already decided that we were going to be lunching, if possible, at Cullen Wines. We hadn't booked, but I figured if we were there early enough (say, around a quarter to twelve), we should be able to snag a table for two.

We also had to fuel the chariot, so I figured we could take our time, lob at Cullen just after eleven, do the tasting bit and be right at the head of the queue for lunch. 

After that, we could possibly visit somewhere, and there was a possible spot on the highway towards Busselton, so it was more or less a matter of filling in time till Cullen time.

The shopping bit took about as long as you'd expect, fuelling the car wasn't a hassle, and just after ten, we were on the road. There was, of course, a contingency plan. 

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