We’ve been known to rant, rave, and occasionally post the results of the musings on the morning walk. This is where we post the wine-related ones.

The process started back when the movie (in Bowen, Australia is always the movie) was in town I started blogging about what was going on, using a Telstra BigBlog, and subsequently turned to writing about various matters including, predictably, wine.

That site went by the wayside when I changed ISPs, but from time to time I generate some op/ed-type content, and it makes sense to have somewhere to put it.  I’ve also slightly rewritten what I posted back then and stuck it here to cut down the clutter in the Article Archive, along with a few other bits and pieces that don’t have an obvious new home in the new set-up.

As I find topics to rant about the eager reader can confidently expect the results will appear here, as well as over at The Little House of Concrete Wine Rack, though the content over there tends to be biased towards tasting notes with an accompanying introduction.

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