Harbour Views from Circular Quay

IMG 5834

Madam wanted to give the shutter finger a workout. 

Iconic structures and the magnificent waterway close to Circular Quay meant that by seven-thirty we were off to Central. 

Platform 17 was the ticket if we wanted to go past Town Hall and Wynyard to The Rocks by way of Circular Quay. 

There's no way of legally alighting from the train if you opt to travel on from Wynyard until you're across The Coat-hanger, so Circular Quay was the obvious jumping-off point. 

IMG 5841

Wandering from Circular Quay took us under The Coat-hanger's southern pylon. Madam realised the battery needed a recharge as checkout time loomed, so we made our way back to Great Southern. We were back there around 9:15. 

With the battery in charge mode, we made a few adjustments to the luggage. We were downstairs checking out around 9:45 when the get-out-in-time rush set in. 

Once two large suitcases and the on the train hand luggage were safely stowed in the Cloak Room, we set out on Stage Two of Operation Time-killer.

IMG 2334

There's limited room in sleeper cabins, and there was no way two big suitcases were going to fit. 

Well, they could, but options for movement would be almost nonexistent. 

That meant packing a bag with clothing and underwear for three or four days. We'd settled on a change of good clothes each (for the Restaurant and Club Car), along with something for the cabin. 

Whether that would do remained to be seen, as the monkey remarked while leaving the doorstep. 

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