Who Is That Culinary Icon?

While I couldn't imagine what Australian culinary icon Stephanie Alexander would be doing on a Rottnest Island tour. Stranger coincidences have, no doubt, occurred.

It's not as if I've spent my life filing celebrity images in the memory bank. 

As noted elsewhere, when they were filming the movie in Bowen (in Bowen Australia is always the movie), I wasn't sure if I'd recognise Nicole Kidman. I failed to spot John Jarratt strolling past wearing a pink dressing gown. 

So why, inquiring minds would ask would Hughesy be spotting a grey-haired lady of a certain age and making an identification as Stephanie Alexander?

Simple, really. After thirty years of reading articles about food with that face somewhere in the byline, Ms Alexander is one of three or four culinary figures I'd possibly recognise in real life. 

Since the others are The Cook and The Chef and Neil Perry, there's possibly an answer to your question.

Given the relative dearth of watchable television over recent months, I seem to recall Ms Alexander as the subject of a tribute to and examination of their influence-type program on the A.B.C.

The husband/partner was featured from time to time.

There was something familiar about the bloke sitting alongside the possible influential culinary figure. There was another woman in the party of three, so it was possibly a case of three old friends on a day trip together. Since that was presumably the case, I butted right out. 

Still, you can't help wondering.

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