Back to Perth

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Part of the logic behind spending Friday night just south of Perth was an easy run in to deliver the vehicle back to Bayswater by midday. As it turned out, it's just as well. 

If I’d made the same navigational mistake when we were really pushed for time, the results could have been, well, not disastrous as such, but certainly less than optimal.

Much of the confusion related to the need to navigate around one-way streets and no right turns into a service station. We needed to fill the fuel tank and then get from there to Bayswater by midday. 

As it turned out, just leave the car in the car park on Saturday arvo looked more secure than it sounded over the phone. Still, in any case, we were back in time, the paperwork was concluded, and we had twelve hours to kill before the Red Eye Express left Perth.

I would've been happy to find somewhere to sit and scribble. The fact that I'm tapping out this section of the Travelogue close to a month later might be seen as justifying that point of view. 

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