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While Madam took herself around the landscape for the next two hours, I sat down and made as much progress on scrawling the backlog as time permitted. 

As the sunset loomed on the horizon, it was time to head back into the city, where we reclaimed the luggage and took a while taking it easy in Citiplace. 

Faced with three options to get us out to the airport, we ended up going for the slowest. 

Yes, a taxi might have got us out there quicker, but there would be time to kill to fill in the void before the check-in process was scheduled to start. Yes, we could have gone somewhere for dinner, but that late lunch then became a factor. 

After close to a fortnight of not quite gastronomic excess but certainly dietary intake far more than at home, I wasn't interested in pushing the envelope any further.

Alternatively, we could have rendezvoused with the airport shuttle, probably cheaper but raising the same dietary issues and adding the question of where to meet the shuttle. 

It's not like we could specify the front door of the hotel. 

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