The Wild West End

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The weather came into consideration when the bus stopped at West End, where we spent a quarter of an hour strolling around the boardwalk and taking in the view and photo opportunities. 

Under the conditions, I would have been happy if they cancelled the walk and continued the tour. 

That would have delivered the bus back to the main settlement before Adine would be ready for us, so with a little prompting the coach was emptied, and off we went. 

It was evident that outside was hardly the place to be unless you'd invested in, and decided to wear, well-insulated clothing. 

Thermal underwear would definitely have been the way to go.  

Remaining on the bus would label you a sook, so it was a matter of how long you could stand the cold. 

I managed a circuit of the boardwalk, though I must admit that the last leg saw me gathering pace as I went, and it wasn't just the effect of the tailwind. 

The views from the vantage points were spectacular, or rather they would be under the right conditions. 

A passing comment when we were back in the main settlement suggested the right conditions were a relatively rare occurrence.

Having made my way back on board the bus, I waited as hardier, better-insulated souls went about proving their innate superiority. 

© Ian L Hughes 2021