And More...

Since my shift was well and truly over and the wait had been long and dry, a visit to the Grand View for refreshment seemed  like a good idea, and provided the chance for a much closer view the herd as they did the circuit a second time.

Head On.jpg

The Public Bar also provided a much closer view of the stars of the show while they waited for the mob to come around again, as well as a glimpse of a bloke headed towards the Dining Room. He looked kind of familiar for some reason, and when he was greeted by one of the hotel staff as Mr Urban I decided that if Keith is appreciably taller than Tom, Mr Cruise must definitely be vertically challenged....

Highlight of the week: You’re Hughesy? coming from someone I hadn’t laid eyes on for about thirty-one years.

Quote of the week: Have you ever complained about watching paint dry?

One final observation: Despite all the hype around the filming, we’re still seeing backpackers turning up and asking “what on Earth’s going on here?” Must have something to do with the fact that the corrugated iron fence conceals a functioning backpackers’ hostel. Anyone fancy sleeping on the set of a major movie production?

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