Down to Freo

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One suburban train trip in a major city is much like another. 

But I can't think of many that match the section that gives a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean before dog-legging through East Fremantle and crossing the river to reach its destination.

On the ground in the port city, we set off looking for fish and chips. The journey took us through the West End with its late Georgian and Victorian-style architecture at the southern end of the port. 

The area had declined after former glories, in much the same manner as the warehouse and commercial precincts in other port cities. 

Over recent years there's been the regulation urban renewal. In this case the process has been assisted by the establishment of the University of Notre Dame Australia. 

The institution has taken over many of the buildings in the West End. 

Our progress down towards the harbour was interrupted by time outs for heavy-duty snapping of historic buildings.

As Madam's shutter finger got a workout, I was distracted by the minutiae of the area. 

Unlike most University campuses, academic agencies are scattered through the neighbourhood, so there's a mix of nameplates as you walk around the streets. 

The Portuguese Consulate was cheek by jowl with private homes, academic departments and student-related affiliates. 


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