Earlier Trips

Bearing those financial constraints in mind, we’ve done reasonably well over the past seven years with trips to destinations along the Queensland coast, the Hunter Valley, to Melbourne, around the Yarra Valley and up to north-east Victoria, down to northern Tasmania and, most recently, Japan.

There’s also been the opportunity to catch the 2001 Byron Bay Blues & Roots Festival and last year’s Eric Clapton concert in Brisbane.

So I’m happy to sit in the Little House of Concrete and pass the time reading, writing, listening to music, drinking wine and doing some gardening on the side.

On the other hand, if Madam appears beside my right elbow inquiring whether I’d be interested in a trip to South Australia, the answer is almost sure to be in the affirmative.

A cynic would point out that many of the destinations have been wine-producing areas of note and that Hughesy would hardly be likely to refuse the chance to indulge in a spot of tasting.

And the cynic would be quite right.

Once Madam has set out the basic parameters (destination, length of stay, et cetera) Hughesy does get the opportunity to do some planning of his own to fit in with his interests. Still, the primary thrust of the journey is mostly beyond my control.

A Basic Itinerary

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