And More Again...

The whole issue of whether all these people are actually necessary is one that we’ll lightly step around for the moment, content to point out that they’re there to do a job, and it’s up to everybody else to ensure that they’re able to do it.

If there’s a dietician or nutritionist in place they’re there for a reason, and if that reason involves players keeping a diary detailing what they eat and drink on a day by day basis and submitting the details at designated intervals then you keep the diary and you hand in the details on time.

And if the Australian coach asks you to jump, you ask How high? You don’t question the need to jump at all. Sure, you might not agree that jumping is necessary, but after you’ve done it you can always ask questions.

I was musing about this point on the walk yesterday morning, particularly with regard to Warner’s occasional rolling over of the arm. I’ve been saying for a while that he possibly needs to bowl more, but a glance at the score cards from the tour of India earlier this year revealed four overs that went for heaps. Not the stuff of a front line bowler, but when it comes to this sort of matter we’re not necessarily talking front line stuff.

Actually, everyone sitting at the top of the batting order should be able to roll their arm over and deliver something reasonable, not necessarily spin, to the point where there’s a need for something different there are a number of options to choose from.

So while this next bit is hypothetical and I certainly hope that it doesn’t resemble reality, you can probably see where I’m coming from when I look for an example of the team coach asking someone to jump.

So let’s say you’re a top order bat and you’re taking it easy rolling your arm over in the nets when the coach sidles over and suggests you might want to put a little more effort into your leggies. What do you do? 

Possibly, you respond with something like Sure, coach and set about bowling with a bit more zip and vigour. I have a suspicion there’s not much likelihood of that happening with a number of players across a variety of national sides.

More likely, you ask why.

Now, the reasoning behind the request might be that you’re not really providing much that’s within reach of the bloke who’s at the other end in a system where the batsmen change when the bell sounds. He needs stuff he can hit, and you’re not providing it because, basically, you’d prefer not to be bowling at all.

The coach, more than likely, knows your heart’s not in it and when you ask for a reason he probably can’t say you’re bowling tripe and you’d object if anyone else served it up to you, so lift your act. That sort of suggestion might result in your heading off in a snit, delivering more of the same (or worse) and quite possibly pouring scorn on the suggestion and the coach’s presumption in making it to anyone in the dressing room that’ll listen.


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