Hughesy's Travelogues

I’ve tried to keep a detailed diary when we go on holidays, and have every intention of continuing the practice in the future, so there will be more content added in the future since a few changes on the financial front, like finishing paying off the Little House of Concrete will make excursions slightly more frequent.

And, on top of that, since ‘Er Indoors has increasingly morphed into ‘Er Outdoors With A Camera Around The Neck and Hughesy’s been handed the spare digital camera future travelogues will probably be accompanied by much more extensive photographic records.

So, at the moment, over here, you’ve got Tasmania 2007, Japan 2008,  Adelaide 2008,  across to Western Australia on the Indian Pacific in 2010 and the road trips that took us to Canberra in May 2011 and Cooktown twelve months later, the return visit to Japan in October/ November 2012 and a loop around Southern Tasmania a year later, but rest assured there’ll be more….

And as a certified and certifiable Music Freak, there are occasional road trips (actually, airline flights with a minimal road component) to catch Elvis Costello in Sydney in late January 2013, and Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen around a month later.

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