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The old memory, predictably, ain't what it used to be, and there are other issues that spring to mind when you're browsing through the shelves at the local library. 

Most of them relate to the intersection between what's out there in the wider world, what's sitting on the book shelves in the Little House of Concrete, what I've actually read, what I thought about it and this book I've just spotted in the library.

At this point in the transfer of content from the MobileMe incarnation of the LHoC and the new, improved and vastly more integrated RapidWeaver version I haven't upgraded the iMac to run Lion, so we're not quite in iCloud territory yet, but I'm guessing that at some point in the not too far distant future I'll be able to check somewhere on the iPad or similar device and check whether this title I'm looking at is something I need to read.

In this section of the site, on an author by author basis we have:

In most cases, some sort of introductory remark, followed by

Read, which is my (generally, but not always, brief) reaction to a title I've read after borrowing from the Library in Bowen or Southport. If there's a longer review elsewhere on the site, I've added a hyperlink under the title.

On My Shelves, which is a reminder about titles I've got in the Little House of Concrete. We're not always sure of some of those details.

Chase/Reread, which are either titles I need to track down and read, or may have read in the past but wouldn't mind revisiting (and, maybe actually buying a copy).

Investigate availability of, which covers a number of possibilities including might be interesting and published so far back that I'm not sure it's still going to be in print, while

Other titles represent the rest of the author’s output, though I’m not sure I’m in a hurry to read them.

Put those lists together and, thanks to Mr Wikipedia, we’ve probably got a complete listing of the particular author’s output, even in cases where I’m not likely to want to read any more of his books. There is, after all, always the possibility of a revised opinion.

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