The Too-Hard Basket

That, in turn, would more than likely generate email. 

If it did, the time factor would kick in again. 

Something that equated to fan mail would probably deserve a response, even if it was a polite "thank you". 

That could develop into a correspondence which would consume more time.

Place those considerations into a setting where The Author was consciously trying to limit his exposure to the time sink known as Facebook and other social media platforms. 

I don't have the time to keep up with those platforms now. 

Without posting anything other than the odd "Share" or "Like". 

And they are very few and far between.

Add the possibility of inciting some keyboard cultural warrior to emerge from under his or her stone. 

Dealing with that, even if it was a simple matter of assigning comments to a "killfile" would be another time sink.

Put those things together, and the time factor was enough to knock the whole idea on the head. 

Timeliness, the sheer bulk of possible material, the time it would take to complete each piece, a one-man operation and the question of dealing with responses combined to make the project unviable in the long term.

Some material, however, appears in Ballantyne: The Drafts.

© Ian Hughes 2017