1995 Wheel Of Fortune (with John Renbourn)

1996 The Island Of The Strong Door 

Songs For The Calendarium

1997 Farewell Concert At McCabe's (with The Merry Band)

Mirrorman's Sequences

Celtic Harp Airs And Dance Tunes 


Dream Journals 

1998 Bloomsbury 1997 (with Mike Heron)

Gems Of Celtic Story 1

Ring Dance

Gems Of Celtic Story 2 

A Job Of Journey Work 

1999 The Old Fangled Tone 

Music For Macbeth

At The Pure Fountain (with Clive Palmer)

2000 The Seed-at-Zero

Just Like The Ivy (with Clive Palmer)

2001 Bloomsbury 2000 (with reformed ISB)


2002 Skirting The River Road 

Gems Of Celtic Story 3

2006The Iron Stone

2008 The Celtic Bard 

Just Like The River And Other Songs For Guitar 

2012 Love Will Remain 

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