In more or less chronological order:

Kid Stuff.

Teenage Noise.

Girlie Stuff and Mating Rituals.

Mass Market and Mainstream.

Niche Markets, which breaks down into GenresRegional Specialities and My Thing.

Kid Stuff is, more or less, self explanatory. It’s a specialised subset of Mass Market and Mainstream that sets kids up to develop into avid consumers of what the Music and Entertainment Industry churns out further on down the track.

That’s not knocking The Wiggles and their ilk, but having watched with interest the interaction between a very small Wo Wo Boy next door and Dorothy The Dinosaur and Friends, I reckon I can see what’s going on.

You grow out of Kid Stuff, of course, and there’s a point where Kid Stuff gets cast aside to be replaced by something far less embarrassing to an emerging consciousness.

Which brings us to Teenage Noise and Mating Rituals.

Teenage Noise plays an important part in an emerging identity, given the fact that it’s almost guaranteed to provoke extreme reactions. After all, the whole point of Teenage Noise is to get right up the noses of Older Generations.


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