And More...

On that basis I'm tipping an opening salvo of either Don’t Want You No More > Not My Cross To Bear or Hot Lanta, with whichever one doesn't get used turning up later in the set. I'm also inclined to tip Jessica or Liz Reed to fill the long instrumental spot ahead of Bag EndEgypt or Kind of Bird.

So it'll be interesting to see how many out of 

Ain't Wasting Time No More

Anyday (with Susan)

Done Somebody Wrong



Stand Back

Stormy Monday

Whipping Post

Woman Across The River

end up getting a guernsey.

I know there are a couple I've missed, and something unexpected is likely to emerge, but I was watching and enjoying WSP as I jotted that list down, and I'm waiting impatiently for the show to start, so I'm not going to head off and check CDs and playlists to see what I’ve missed.

11:28 Slide show for merch suggests that the Moogis side of things is getting its act together. Unlike yesterday's talking heads in the run up to show time, this slide show fills all the screen (no row of Dock icons along the bottom of the screen). The range of stuff on offer underlines the commercial importance of the merch business in a way that a casual visit to the Hittin' The Note website doesn't.

11:34 ABB logo. Flashes of light. Hints of shadowy movement.

11:36 Blast of B3, piano notes, drums. On screen view looking over Butch's shoulder.

11:38 Don't Want You No More

11:41 > Not My Cross To Bear

11:46 Gregg changes to piano for Ain't Wasting Time No More.

11:55 Gregg: All right. Good to see you out there. Bunch of you too.

11:56 Leave My Blues At Home. Well there's one that wasn't on the list. How could I have missed it? Still, three Gregg vocals in a row, which should indicate either an instrumental or a Warren vocal up next.

12:04 Hot Lanta

12:09 Butch to the tympani to finish. Will he stay there? Doesn't look like it.

12:10 Sound and video freeze necessitates an out and back in and I return to find Johnny Winter on stage. The Sky Is Crying (Warren vocal). Tasty solo from Mr Winter, screaming one from Derek.


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