And More...

11:51 As it turns out, neither. Music pauses and then sets off again slinking into a groove that gradually resolves itself into Don't Keep Me Wonderin'.

11:58 Trouble No More. Feed's running smoothly, nearly as smooth as the playing. 

12:02 Spotlight on Oteil and then lights up across the front as we set off into another instrumental groove that sounds familiar, but you're not exactly sure where it's heading. Ends up going into Rocking Horse. Great stuff.

12:10 > the quiet instrumental break they were using at United Palace to lead into Derek's solo. Warren changes guitars as Derek eases his way into the solo, which gathers intensity as it builds. He does this so well. A minute or two back we were all subdued and more or less without noticing the gradual ascent here we are in full shred mode. Wonderful.

12:15 > Rocking Horse.

12:17 Ah, there's that riff. Blind Willie McTell, and there's the man larger than life on the screen behind the band. Don't know whether to be glad to be hearing this new favourite, because it probably means we won't get it again tomorrow.

12:25 Please welcome Dave Schools to the stage over here.

12:26 You Don't Love Me (no Oteil).

12:34 Every Hungry Woman

12:36 Major pixellation glitch that resolves itself quickly enough. Phew.

12:44 All My Friends

12:50 Spotlight on percussion section. There's the percussion dude from WSP (Sonny Ortiz) and singer John Bell's there too. So what'll we get? Walk On Gilded Splinters, perhaps? Yep. Comes as no surprise as Bell did it with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on Medicated Magic.

12:58 Guest coming in on keys. Riff to The Same Thing, I think. Please welcome Luther Dickinson. Danny Louis on the piano.

1:04 Nice slide from Mr Dickinson. Interesting finger technique.

1:12 Guitar swap for Derek. Statesboro Blues.

1:18 Jimmy Herring joining us on the guitar. That's What Love Can Do For You. Interesting Derek/Jimmy Herring interplay. Herring's having a ball, a significant departure from the way he seemed on stage with WSP. Almost sombre then, but then he was the sole lead, here there are three leads and some old mates to have a little fun with. Interesting.

1:31 Jaimoe obviously slipped away for a bit. Jamie van de Bogert on the drums. Black Hearted Woman.

1:43 Thank you. Y'all been great. Thanks so much. Exit everyone except Jaimoe.

1:47 Sound of an acoustic guitar. Melissa?

1:48 Yep, Melissa. No Derek.

1:55 Derek's back. One Way Out.

2:01 Thank y'all so much. We'll be back tomorrow night. And so will I.

2:02 Little Martha

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