Reviewing the Music

CD ShelvesWriting about music, someone who may or may not have been Frank Zappa remarked*, is like dancing about architecture

You could probably throw in plenty of seemingly incompatible forms of expression to make the same point, but there are, indisputably, reasons why people might be moved to express their reaction to some form of artistic endeavour in the realms of another.

So writing about music might be like dancing about architecture, but there are reasons why people will do it.

Take, for instance, Hughesy's reaction to a newly acquired album or musical event.

The first thing that comes into play here is a fading memory. I'll review a concert or similar experience while it's fresh in my mind because that's the best chance I have to remember what happened. 

Simple, straightforward, and largely intended for an audience of one some time down the track when I want to revisit the experience.

With a new album things are slightly different, but the principle remains the same. I want to record my reaction to this particular piece of work, at least partly so I can fit it into an artist's canon, but it goes a little further than that.

*I'm talking the original source of the remark here. It's the sort of one-liner that tends to get repeated extensively by point-making smart-arses.


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