And More...

1:14 Midnight Rider

1:18 Guest coming up? Nope. High Cost of Low Living.

1:27 Instrumental Illness? No, Bag End. Haven’t heard it enough to recognize it. Resolve to buy more Instant Lives via download.

1:40 The Same Thing? No, Hoochie Coochie Man, slower and slinkier than the surging Berry-era rendition. Or is it? One slow verse and it's into that old riff. Familiar territory.

1:49 Leave My Blues at Home

1:52 > Oteil

1:54 > Drums, OteIl onto Butch's kit, Butch to tympani. The old percussion switcheroo...

 It's at this juncture that I realise I need a nibble or two, the sort of thing you'd have organised in the set break if you weren't preoccupied with other matters. 

Return to find the JaBuMaOt bit finished, and Derek and Warren tearing it up. Inability to monitor the machine in the office while you're in the kitchen is a powerful argument against watching the live feed in the office. Must point this out to the Boss when she suggests I can watch the rest of the run in there.

2:06 Revival

2:11 Glitch towards the end of Derek's solo. Out and back in, and we find Warren has taken over. Volume seems to have dropped as well. Adjust accordingly.

2:17 Thank you so very much. Thank you all, as the band departs the stage. With the intermission, that's just about right on three hours. Pity we didn't have ourselves set up properly at the start. Now, what's for the encore?

2:20 And we're back for

2:21 Southbound. A glance over the shoulder reveals The Barra on the doorstep to pick up a box of wine. Back to the office to watch the rest of the show. Other matters can be deferred. 

2:28 That's all folks. Little Martha.

Well, there we are. Not the greatest Moogis experience I've had, but that's nothing to do with anyone apart from Yours Truly. While there's definitely something attractive about watching the live feed in the comfort of your own home, you need to have things in place from the start. Today, I didn't and never quite managed to get into the flow of things. The move into the office didn't help either. Too many distractions in there, and while the aircon's pleasant, it means that once you're outside the cocoon you can't hear anything.

Madam's off to Tai Chi tomorrow morning, so we'll have the laptop plugged in and will have conducted extensive tests on the archived shows before eleven tomorrow...

Memo to self: Before future Moogis runs ensure Flash Player and all web browsers are totally up to date on all machines...

The setlist...

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