Wanee Festival Day Two

Monday, 19 April 2010

2:58 Having decided to give the chance of catching Dr John and The Word a go, Saturday night was a case of a little bit earlier to bed and see what time we rise and it worked. 

Logged in to find a piano on stage, while the stage crew go about their business. Just in time, folks! Out to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, check Madam's sleep situation and decide against waking Sleeping Beauty. Coffee in hand I'm back in the office, closing the door as I hear the Jockomo fee nah hey... lead in to

3:02 Iko Iko

Again, once I've gone to full screen mode I'm missing the handy clock, so no time references for the rest of the set.

St James Infirmary. What's with the shades? I know what's with the shades themselves, but it's the bit you'd think goes behind the ear going over the ear that's intriguing. Ah, there's a lead there. In-ear monitor? Figures. Ain't seen anyone in previous webcasts wearing shades because it's usually night time...

Also noted what looked like someone's tour bus pulling in behind the stage. 

Dr John changes to organ for Mama Roux (She was the queen of the Little Red White and Blue)

Back to piano for Make A Better World

Something from The City That Care Forgot. Keep On Goin'? If you don't know where you're goin'/ Gonna find out when you get there reminds me of a mate whose favourite saying was Dunno where we're going, but when we get there we'll know we've arrived.

Little dance shuffle routine towards the end with humorous commentary from the drummer (or the bass player? Can't see, but they've both been doing backing vox. Hell, could be the guitarist but whoever it is sounds black, man.

Dr John to guitar for Come On/Let The Good Times Roll or whatever other name they're calling it this week. Back to piano (actually split keys one hand piano t'other organ) for I Been Hoodoo'd, which features a nice reed/percussion thing towards the end, which comes in the form of a guitar solo (slide, not bad) which then takes us into They call me John Gris (might be part of I Been Hoodoo'd, might be something else entirely).

Then, in rapid succession:

In the Right Place

Goin' Back To New Orleans

Big Chief > Band intros > Dr John leaves while the Lower 911 carry the groove on for a minute or two.

Nice set, well worth the early rise. Now it’s a question of lasting the distance.

4:00 (more or less) Out of full screen mode and into typing. 

4:28 Having spent the last half hour or so typing the above, and preparing about half of yesterday's review for publication, it must be getting close to starting time for The Word. 


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