And More Again...

Well, there you go. From my perspective, much more enjoyable than yesterday, as the scarcity of scribble towards the end attests. I try to jot down notes that can be fleshed out later, but when you're getting into it…

Technical issues remain as far as the laptop is concerned. The Firefox issue got shelved into the too hard basket, and I figured I'd use Safari instead. Checked the archived version of yesterday's show and everything was fine, so I figured I could just switch to the live stream. Nothing wrong with watching in the office, but the living room has better scenery outside, not that was an issue on an overcast day, and greater flexibility in the snack department.

The setlist:

Set 1.

Don't Want You No More> It's Not My Cross to Bear

Ain't Wastin' Time No More

The River's Gonna Rise

Stand Back

Desdemona (Randall Bramblett, Sax)

Key To The Highway (Devon Allman, Guitar)


Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (Jimmy Vivino, Guitar)

Set 2.


Maydell > Manic Depression (Oteil Vocal)

The Same Thing (Randall Bramblett, Sax)

Black Hearted Woman> JaBuMaOt> Black Hearted Woman> The Other One Jam> Black Hearted Woman



Preachin' Blues (Warren & Derek)

One Way Out

© Ian Hughes 2012