Reflection: On Keeping Things Going

HughesyBeachWAlthough I'm in the process of transferring content from the old pages on the site devoted to music and reading and consequently have a conscious don't embark on a major new project policy, there's also a long-term commitment to getting between eight hundred and two thousand words of new content up there six days a week.

That's usually a matter of finding a subject for meditation as I set off on the morning walk each weekday, something that I can spend an hour or so tapping out when I return to base. That's usually going to be something about what I've bought, read, listened to or drunk over the preceding couple of days.

Musings on The Basement Tapes filled that role very nicely last week, but as I set out this morning there wasn't anything obvious. I'd started the new Le Carre, but had only got about fifty pages into a gradually uncoiling plot line. Summer drinking's a subject that'll come in later, after I've had a chance to stock up on Rockford Alicante Bouchet and Pfeiffer Gamay, so that's not a goer just yet. 

Looks like it'll have to be something musical, then, I thought as I headed west along Kennedy Street. The content transfer had almost reached the end of the Allman Brothers New York run from March last year, so I pondered just finishing that side of things, before dismissing the idea. No, need something new for the site.

Recent purchases, on reflection, have been largely composed of new or recent releases by continuing old favourites, so that, along with that Allmans theme and the recent R.I.P. re. Richie Hayward soon had Hughesy musing over the keeping things going theme.

Hopefully that'll provide a framework for the next few days, and an avenue that'll lead into reviews of, among others, the new albums by Los Lobos, Richard Thompson and Elvis Costello as well as recent releases by the Texas Tornados, the Bonzos and ex-Little Feat vocalist Shaun Murphy.


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