12:23 Every Hungry Woman finishing.

12:24 And It Stoned Me? (About two seconds. Half a...). Yep, that's it as we get half a line. nAnd another half a line.

12:29 With the offer of a ham sandwich I open a bottle of Sparkling Cienna on the basis that I need the fridge space. It's not as if we've got much to celebrate.

12:39 After ten minutes looking at a still of Warren's Les Paul I'm bored. Logging out and back in suggests that they've moved on to what might have been Les Brers, but turns out to be Kind Of Bird. 

12:43 End of first set.

1:04 Even with the minimum picture on screen (quit out of full screen mode to see if it made a difference) featuring advertising material for merchandise and Hittin' The Note) the sound cuts out. Pity, because I like the old Fleetwood Mac Rattlesnake Shake (seems like a live version).

1:06 Having checked my email during the break, it's obvious I'm not the only one experiencing an interrupted feed. Strangely, I don't find that overly reassuring. In a way I'd prefer to think the problem is related to where you are, and the inadequacy of local telecommunication infrastructure. 

If that's the case, having taken a punt on the Moogis subscription, you can more or less shrug your shoulders and try to make the best of it. Once you find out that Stateside subscribers are having some of the same issues it doesn't, for some reason, make you feel all that much better.

1:15 With the start of the second set imminent, sounds like we're going acoustic. Gregg on acoustic for Melissa but the dropouts continue. An optimist might think that the delivery of sound and image is becoming more consistent. Of course, when I start to write that it drops out again, and when I start referring to it dropping out, there it is again. Sort of sonic now you see it, now you don't.

1:22 Melissa finishes. Screen freezes. When do the guests start turning up?

1:23 I think it's Please Call Home, though it's hard to tell and it's soon obvious that it isn't.

1:25 Coming through more consistently, but as soon as I start to write that, she's gone again.

1:28 Into Come & Go Blues. Kind of appropriate under the circumstances.

1:31 And as time goes on there are less and less ways to talk about what's (largely not) happening. The snippets that come through are make you really narky about the bits that are missing. If what you're seeing was 100% crap, you'd be inclined to turn it off, but when it comes through clear as a bell for a few seconds and then disappears, that’s a different kettle of fish...

1:35 There are those random out of sync blocs of data again. Pity. Looks like nice interaction between Warren and Oteil.

1:37 They're into Rocking Horse.

1:39 Almost twenty uninterrupted seconds of Rocking Horse.

1:41 Cuts out just as Derek's solo is getting interesting (twice).

1:42 Sounds like the start of Liz Reed but it's hard to tell as the sound drops out.

1:44 No, it's something else though the previous comment still applies.

1:45 Derek starts to soar and guess what happens.

1:48 Actually, it's still Rocking Horse...

1:49 Into Black Hearted Woman, though I'm called away to attend to the clothes line due to a sudden squall of rain. 


© Ian Hughes 2012