Disc 4

Disc 4:

Saint John's Hornpipe

Sail Away Ladies

Youur Past Labels.jpg

Dreaming Under the B & O Trestle

900 Miles

Prince George's Dance

Improvisation for Flute and Guitar

Dorothy/Calvert Street Blues (1) (Brenda's Blues (2))

Brenda's Blues (3)

Buck Dancer's Choice (2)

Night Train to Valhalla (2)

In the Pines

Pretty Polly

Take This Hammer

Yazoo Basin Blues

Stomping Tonight On the (Old) Pennsylvania/Alabama Border

Smoky Ordinary Blues (2) (Dance of the Inhabitants (2))

Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent (2)

Bean Vine Blues (Pea Vine Blues)

Green Blues

Stone Pony


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