Shirley Collins:

1959 Sweet England 

1960 False True Lovers 

1963 Heroes in Love (EP)

1967 The Sweet Primroses 

1968 The Power of the True Love Knot 

1973 A Favourite Garland

1974 Adieu to Old England 

1992 Fountain of Snow 

2003 Within Sound (Box Set)

2004 The Classic Collection 

Shirley and Dolly Collins:

1969 Anthems in Eden 

1970 Love, Death and the Lady 

1976 Amaranth  (incorporates Anthems in Eden)

1978 For as Many as Will

1979 Harking Back 

2006 Snapshots 

2008 The Harvest Years

Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band:

1971 No Roses 

The Young Tradition and Shirley and Dolly Collins:

The Holly Bears The Crown (recorded 1969, released 1995)

Shirley Collins and Davy Graham:

1964 Folk Roots, New Routes

Etchingham Steam Band:

1975 Etchingham Steam Band

There's a much more complete discography here.

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