Robin Williamson

Scots multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, storyteller and latter day Celtic bard Robin Williamson may have shot to prominence as the co-founder of The Incredible String Band but a glance at the extensive discography below indicates a prolific career after the ISB split in 1974. That should come as no surprise, given the fact that the String Band managed thirteen albums between 1966 and 1974 and the post-String Band era featured collaborations with The Merry Band and John Renbourn and a series of albums for ECM combining his own lyrics with words by the likes of Dylan Thomas, William Blake, and Walt Whitman.

The following listing, grabbed from Wikipedia, will probably end up largely unexplored (availability will probably be the key issue in that regard) but serves as a reminder of the depth and breadth of a singularly idiosyncratic individual’s musical and mythological meanderings.

1972 Myrrh 

1977 Journey's Edge (with The Merry Band)

1978 American Stonehenge (with The Merry Band)

1979 A Glint At The Kindling (with The Merry Band)

1981 Songs of Love & Parting 

The Fisherman's Son And The Gruagach of Tricks 

1982Prince Dougie And The Swan Maiden 

Rory Mor And The Gruagach Gaire 

1983 Music for the Mabinogi

1984 Selected Writings 

Five Humorous Tales of Scotland and Ireland 

1985 The Dragon Has Two Tongues

Five Celtic Tales of Enchantment 

Five Legendary Histories Of Britain 

Five Bardic Mysteries

Five Tales of Prodigies and Marvels

1986 Legacy of the Scottish Harpers

Legacy of the Scottish Harpers Volume Two

Winter's Turning 

1987 Songs For Children of All Ages

1988 Ten of Songs 

1990 Music For The Newly Born


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