Stephen Cummings

Having spotted The Sports Fair Game EP when it appeared as NME's Record Of The Week in 1977 I've been watching Stephen Cummings' career over the intervening thirty-five years with considerable interest. While The Sports attained a reasonably high profile, after the band broke up in 1981 Cummings went, more or less into stealth mode, releasing albums at regular intervals and maintaining an increasingly lower profile.

Sure, he had a habit of turning up on Channel Nine's Sunday program when there was a new album out, and there was, at one point, a social media presence that provided interesting reading as Cummings mused on various matters but that went belly up a while back (though he was back blogging at earlier this year), and I only learned of his most recent album (Reverse Psychology) in a passing reference.

Situations like that produce a visit to iTunes, and while you're there you tend to have a look at what else is there with a view to filling in any gaps in the collection, which is how I ended up catching Happiest Man Alive which had slipped by undetected or forgotten in 2008.

The Pelaco Brothers (1974–1976):

1976 The Pelaco Brothers (EP)

1977 The Notorious Pelaco Brothers Show (live EP)

1978 The Autodrifters and The Relaxed Mechanics Meet The Fabulous Nudes and The Pelaco Bros 

The Sports (1976–1981):

1977 Fair Game (EP) 

1978 Reckless 

1979 Don't Throw Stones 

1979 So Obvious (EP)

1979 O.K., U.K.! (EP)

1980 Suddenly

1981 Sondra

1981 The Sports play Dylan (and Donovan) (EP)

1982 All Sports

1987 Missin' Your Kissin' 

1997 This Is Really Something

2004 Definitive Collection


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