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And, again, let's disregard this let-off as well. Fleetwood Mac, for Hughesy's money, became irrelevant with the departure of the last of the Peter Green-era guitarists. Off the top of my head I can't think of too many transatlantic bands I'm likely to rate highly. A glance down the 580 records in Hughesy's Bento CD Collection database (we're only down to P at this point in time) fails to reveal anyone who I could genuinely label transatlantic, so I guess we can ignore this one as well.

2. When you make your choice, you are not only forgoing one region's already recorded music but also any music from that region that may be recorded in the future, until your death.

Which raises some interesting aspects when it comes to the methodology you'd use to make up your mind, but I'm getting slightly ahead of myself.

What we have here is an opportunity to ponder one's past listening habits, consider some implications and make some predictions for the future. 

For what it's worth, I should probably note that any decision would be based on the four thousand or so (I'm guessing here, I really have no idea exactly how many disks are lurking inside the Little House of Concrete) CDs that make up Hughesy's collection. A great many of those come from widely bootlegged artists who are either taper-friendly (Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Little Feat) or taper-neutral (Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, maybe Elvis Costello) and that in turn implies a North American rather than British bias.

So, from a sheerly numerical point of view, based on the geographic sources of the disks on the shelves, that's probably a vote for North America.

But that modus operandi ain't gonna stop there. 


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