Another one I'm not familiar with, hardly surprising since my knowledge of the later Dead studio albums is practically zero. Maybe if I was paying closer attention....

> a Bo Diddley beat, so presumably we're going to finish with Not Fade Away (we are). Pleasant enough, but Weir isn't the world's greatest guitarist and I find myself missing the joyous glistening guitar work I knew and loved from the Skull and Roses live album. Nice stuff, glad I logged in when I did...

As Weir & Co leave the stage I'm out the door (having run over time I think I'm safe in assuming there won't be an encore) on the way up to the butcher on the corner for a couple of sausages and a lump of rump for dinner tonight. Get back, log off in the office, log in on the laptop which is set up to feed into the main TV and hurl myself at the shower, planning on being back in the living room by 8:30.

8:31 Still setting up for Widespread Panic. Time to start on breakfast. Sausages under the grill, eggs into the poacher. 

8:40 Looks like we're going to get Brekky out of the way before WSP. Screen/audio freeze prompts an out and back in manoeuvre, and at

8;42 We're still in setting up mode though movement on the distant stage suggests we might be getting closer. Voice over the PA.

8:51 Timing! No sooner is breakfast finished than we're off. Immediate glitches.

9:02 Ten or eleven minutes in, and I'm enjoying a Jimmy Herring solo, though unfamiliarity with WSP means I have absolutely no idea of track titles. Will be interesting to see how long it takes to get a set list off the net.

9:05 As the set's third song starts I'm still clueless as to titles, but it’s good stuff. Won't have me frantically searching the net for CDs and more than likely won't be looking for downloads either, but it's quality playing with internal dynamics to balance the boogie groove. Solo from Herring rips out ringing notes in little swarms that remind me of the wasps nest we got rid of the other day.

9:20 As one number finishes I'm still no wiser about titles. Used to dislike all that here's a little number called... routine, but there are times when it comes in handy.

9:35 This time and observation caper isn't working too well. Switch it off and enjoy what's on offer.

9:44 We'd like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, Jorma and Jack for giving us permission to play this tonight. Right. So it's something from the Hot Tuna repertoire. I suppose that, since they're on the other stage as soon as this finishes, you'd be polite and check. Still no idea about a title, though.

10:44 Announce one more.

10:56 Finish. Nice set. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Will be looking forward to another one tomorrow. A later investigation reveals the set list:

11:36 ABB logo.

11:38 Figures moving into place. Roll of tympani. Are they starting with Mountain Jam?

11:39 And here we go.

11:40 Yep, Mountain Jam. Next question, will that be a full half-hour rendition, sir, or would you prefer a Mountain Jamwich with a return to the theme at the end of the evening's entertainment.


© Ian Hughes 2012