Allman Brothers Band United Palace Theatre New York 11 March 2010

Friday, 12 March 2010

This is the way it was supposed to go. 

Some time after eleven a.m. we'd crank up the volume as the ABB worked their way through the set-list for the first night of the UP run, and since some documentation would be required, Hughesy set down the note pad on the living room table, planning on writing the set-list and assorted random observations on the show.

Along the course of the next three hours or so we'd have the odd visitor drop by, maybe partake in a beverage or two and chill out enjoying the midday sun and the combination of what was there on the big screen and the view through the living room window.

Of course, it didn't work out that way, and when it didn’t I found myself scribbling three and a bit pages of notes since I needed something to while away the time while I waited to see what transpired.

The following is (more or less) what was scribbled on those pages...

Note: due to time differences, the times below are Eastern Australian Standard (not Daylight Saving) time.

11:18 Sound cutting in and out through various tracks being played over the PA. Sounds like some John Lee Hooker, some saxy blues. It appears we have sound issues though the feed sees to be gradually coming through on a more consistent basis. It still cuts out for significant periods, but it seems to be improving...

11:21 Background hum of audience as sound cuts out again.

11:24 Looks like Here we go as the sound promptly cuts out.

11:25 ABB logo viewed from Gregg's side; organ and piano notes; almost ready; sound drops out.

11;26 Camera's in front now and we're live through the dropouts. Frozen screen. No idea what we're getting. Little bits of sound, no continuity and some of the picture ain't all it could be. Could it be Don't Keep Me Wonderin'?

11:32 Gone completely. Just a stage picture which gives no indication what's going on. Passing visit by the Barra, who heads off when it's obvious that not much is happening.

11:41 Nothing. The same frozen image.

11:44 Having logged out and gone back in again we're back live (on and off)

11:50 Warbo arrived. Sound and picture continuity doesn't.

11:52 Back live and immediate dropout. Chat with Warbo about various other matters since we can't chat about the music.

12:00 Warbo departs, and so does the sound as I suspect that there's a guest in the offing (but there ain't).

12:03 Desdemona is the first track in half an hour that's recognisable.

The worst part of all this is that the bits you do catch are good enough to remind you of what you're missing and last just long enough to get you in before it drops out again, Derek working into full flight but then gone, back into a building solo though the cut-outs don't give the continuity and development you'd expect to find as the solo builds.

12:09 Warren into the solo action (and right out again).

12:12 Back into the Gregg vocal.

12:15 Every Hungry Woman (about five seconds) Woman at the break of day. It almost seems like little slightly out-of-sequence bundles of data are finding their way through.


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