1972 Henry the Human Fly Richard Thompson

1974 I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight Richard and Linda Thompson

1974 Hokey Pokey Richard and Linda Thompson

1975 Pour Down Like Silver Richard and Linda Thompson

1978 First Light Richard and Linda Thompson

1979 Sunnyvista Richard and Linda Thompson

1981 Strict Tempo! Richard Thompson

1982 Shoot Out the Lights Richard and Linda Thompson

1983 Hand of Kindness Richard Thompson

1985 Across a Crowded Room Richard Thompson

1986 Daring Adventures Richard Thompson

1988 Amnesia Richard Thompson

1991 Rumor and Sigh Richard Thompson

1994 Mirror Blue Richard Thompson

1996 You? Me? Us? Richard Thompson

1999 Mock Tudor Richard Thompson

2003 The Old Kit Bag Richard Thompson

2005 Front Parlour Ballads Richard Thompson

2007 Sweet Warrior Richard Thompson

2010 Dream Attic Richard Thompson

2013 Electric Richard Thompson

Live albums:

1984 Small Town Romance Richard Thompson

2005 Live from Austin, TX Richard Thompson

2007 In Concert, November 1975 Richard and Linda Thompson

2011 Live At The BBC Richard Thompson featuring Linda Thompson


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