The Broadband/ iPod Years

CD ShelvesHaving wandered through the past forty-three years listening to more than my share of music the more or less inevitable question is What next?

The inevitable response is probably more of the same (more or less). After all, having spent so much time chasing down some of these things all that time and effort would be wasted if I were to just stop.

And, in any case, I've enjoyed it. 

From the time I started getting interested in music back around 1966, through the halcyon days when I was part of a circle of fans  who were fired by a mixture of motives to explore what was out there, taking in the years where it was more or less a solo voyage of intermittent and more or less random discovery, into the today's digital landscape I've found a lot of interesting music, and I know there's still an unknown quantity of it out there.

The journey through the bayous, backwaters, and paths less trodden has been interesting, and, to be quite honest I see no reason why it should stop until such time as I shuffle off the mortal coil and join the choir invisible....

But after the way that things have developed it's hard to imagine that there's too much that's actually new lurking around the corner. There's already a plethora of recordings covering just about every musical genre known to humanity and you'd expect that every form of fusion between genres has been explored over the past few years.

So I'm not expecting much in the way of exciting new earth-shattering discoveries.

On the other hand I'm sure that out there among that vast quantity of recorded music there are still more than a few gems to be unearthed. As well, just about everything that has ever been recorded now exists in some sort of digital form and should be downloadable through some (not necessarily official) source. 


B© Ian Hughes 2012