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1:57 Into Oteil's solo.

1:59 Butch on the timpani (frozen).

2:00 Second set streaming is a significant improvement. Still too many drop outs, but definitely better than the first half, delivering bursts of co-ordinated sound and vision lasting up to 15 seconds!

2:06 Black Hearted Woman surges into The Other One play-out as the sound surges in and out. Really frustrating since the intermittent sonic evidence suggests a band firing on all cylinders.

2:11 Black Hearted Woman ends. Straight into Jessica, which is getting more than its fair share of random packet syndrome before the feed cuts in and out around 2:13. From there, things get better, though the dropouts continue and the sound and vision don't always match up.

2:25 Out of Jessica, presumably into the encore break. Still no guests.

2:28 Stage lights down. Is that it?

2:30 Nope. Here's the encore. Preachin' Blues, or at least that's what it sounds like. Sure is...

2:35 One Way Out. This is getting closer to what I expected to be writing down.

2:40 Gregg: Thank you very much. See you tomorrow night. Little Martha over the PA. Yep, that seems to be it.

Now, anyone who had read this far might be inclined to wonder why I've bothered. After all, it wasn't the most inspiring of experiences. There is, however, the chance that this might be my one and only chance to experience an Allman Brothers Band concert in more or less real time, and I intend to watch every one of the seven remaining concerts on line from beginning to end come hell or high water.

For a start, today's experience, regardless of the disappointment, has used less than 1% of my monthly download limit, so it's not as if I'm looking at running out over the next seven shows, and once the shows are archived, I can watch them as many times as I want.

No, I want the buzz of being there on line when, hopefully, Warren or Gregg says Please welcome to the stage...

Of course, that's coming from someone who lives in a small town two hundred kilometres from a major centre whose live concert experiences over the past decade have been single shows by Bob Brozman & Jeff Lang, Richard Thompson, Eric Clapton (with Derek), Elvis Costello and Ry Cooder with Nick Lowe.

No, we'll be making the best of what we can get….

The Setlist...

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