While I'm not claiming there's anything of outstanding interest in the fact that I've spent a fair chunk of the last forty-five years listening to music, given my current attempts to write about what I've been listening to, drinking, reading and watching it makes sense to put things into some sort of framework.

On the Wine Pages that's reasonably straightforward. Pages devoted to particular wineries, the odd rant here and there, pieces about the various wine clubs I've signed up for and the Article Archive fill in the back story fairly well.

As far as the reading is concerned, reviewing a particular title gives a chance to fill in some of the back story as far as Hughesy's interest in the author or the subject matter goes, and I've started retrospective runs through the works of some favourite authors, but there isn't really a consistent narrative that runs across individual authors or topics.

With what I've been watching, the back story, if one exists, can be slotted into place where needed, but with the music, there's a separate narrative that develops when we're talking about Hughesy's listening habits.

There wasn't too much, at least at the beginning, to separate my interest in what I was hearing on the radio from the massed ranks of my teenage peers, though an inability to do things in moderation probably guaranteed it wasn't going to stay that way. 

As a result, through Where I'm Coming From and The Making of a Music Freak we're looking at Hughesy's gradual detachment from the mainstream, a process that was aided by the discovery that owning the right records had implications for your standing among your peers even if it didn't tend to impress the opposite sex.

Then, running through the years between 1969 and 1972 there were the halcyon days outlined in A Less Than Distinguished Musical Career and The Underworld Years, when, briefly, I was able to enjoy a lengthy ramble through what had been recorded through the sixties, casting forwards and back from there and meeting a range of things that have shaped my listening habits for the past forty years.


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