Kevin Ayers


Soft Machine:

1968  The Soft Machine

Solo Albums:

1969 Joy of a Toy

1970 Shooting at the Moon

1971 Whatevershebringswesing

1973 Bananamour

1974 The Confessions of Dr. Dream and Other Stories

June 1, 1974 (with Nico, John Cale and Brian Eno)

Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy (with Lady June and Brian Eno)

1975 Sweet Deceiver

1976 Yes We Have No Mañanas (So Get Your Mañanas Today)

1978 Rainbow Takeaway

1980 That's What You Get Babe

1983 Diamond Jack and the Queen of Pain

1984 Deià...Vu

1986 As Close As You Think

1988 Falling Up

1992 Still Life with Guitar

2007 The Unfairground


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