And More Again...

12:19 Momentary freeze as a frail Johnny Winter leaves the stage.

12:20 Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City. Slight misunderstanding a minute later as Gregg starts on a Warren-designated verse. Wave of the hand to acknowledge the stuff-up.

12:26 No One Left To Run With. There's another one I'd rather carelessly forgotten. Start to suspect that Derek likes this one (seems to be having fun on his solo).

12:38 Thank you. Put your hands together for John (Somebody, didn't quite catch it) Mayall? Mayer? Neither seems likely. Lengthy set up. Too dark to tell. No it's John Bell, obviously pronounced something like Bay-ell)

12:41 And It Stoned Me. First verse Warren, second verse Bell. Derek solo, Warren solo then third verse shared. I'm rapidly becoming a fan of Mr Bell's vocal style and general demeanour. 

12:47 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl riff. Another one that should have been obvious. Please welcome to the stage Jimmy Herring and JoJo Herman. You heard Johnny Winter do this earlier. We do it differently. Great solo from Herring, tasty keys from Herman, then slowed down through another verse, after which Derek embarks on a solo with Warren moaning in the background. It's a solo that would be jaw-dropping if we hadn't become accustomed to seeing something approaching this on a regular basis. 

No sooner have I finished scribbling that than my jaw takes leave of its upper colleague.

At this point I'm guessing we can rule out Woman Across The River.

1:03 Dave Schools to the stage please.

1:04 Dreams (No Oteil). Had to get one right eventually.

1:18 Guitar over rolling drums. Liz Reed? Yep. Which now presumably means no Jessica.

1:30 > Oteil. Looks like we're going to get a long Liz Reed with JaBuMa, which I hadn't expected. Still I guess Derek deserves a break since he's got an hour and a half on the other stage after this.

1:35 Hang on, Oteil's gone berserk. What've they put in the water tonight? Or has he been at the red cordial while nobody's looking?

1:36 > the percussive switcheroo and JaBuMa.

1:44 As everyone moves back into place, rather than returning to the Liz Reed theme it's off into Whipping Post.

1:58 Thank you so much. Y'all great, et cetera as they file off for the encore break. Something short to finish off? Done Somebody Wrong? Maybe with Robert Randolph? Guess it'd be too late for Anyday with Susan. Or a trademark Statesboro Blues?

2:01 Various complimentary remarks from Gregg. Midnight Rider. Another one I should have thought of. Well it's just about right on midnight after all.

2:06 A little riff that starts from Derek. Mountain Jam to finish off? Two night Mountain Jamwich, perhaps?

2:09 That question hasn't quite resolved itself yet. Hang on, that's going into Dazed and Confused. A remarkably accurate summary of my mental state at the moment, having assumed the set would've been put to bed around ten minutes ago.

2:15 Mountain Jam

2:18 That's all, folks. Thank y'all so much. et cetera. You've heard it all many times before...

Little Martha

The setlist...

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