Allman Brothers Band Beacon Theatre New York 10 March 2011 

Friday, 11 March 2011 

It takes a while to get these things sorted, what with not having done the Moogis bit in the living room over the past twelve months, but with only a slight bit of messing around the laptop is plugged into the big TV, we're logged in and at

11:09 we've got the Moogis window up there. No need to go to full screen mode yet (actually, he wrote several hours later when it was all over, there was, but we didn't realise it at the time). Predictably, as soon as I tap that out on the iPad there's a variety of bangs and thumps that prompts the switch. 

We started off with what I assumed to be Taj Mahal brooding away (I can't think of anyone else who's got that same vocal warmth. Speaking of warmth (as the crowd noise lurks under the soundtrack over the P.A.) here in Bowen we've got a warm sunny 23.7 Celsius on the way to a maximum of 31. Blue skies, ready to fire on all cylinders.

11:23 I'm tapping away happily when the sound resolves into what sounds suspiciously like ABB in full flow, but while we're in full screen mode there ain't nothing on the screen. Pity, because it sounds bloody fantastic. (See? There's where we should've been in full screen mode, and realised there was something amiss).

By 11:34 We've tried various workarounds, and the sound's wonderful, but still no pictures as we're into full flow with Sailin' 'Cross The Devil's Sea. Subsequent investigations reveal the opener was Drums > Miles Davis’ Spanish Key.

11:37 Into Walk On Gilded Splinters. Now, here’s where that failure to check things out adequately before the start kicks in. I really love the way they do this, but without the vision and wondering what the hell’s going on it’s hard to focus.

11:45 Come & Go Blues 

11:48 Sound drops out. Bugger! About to quit and restart when it comes back, slightly higher volume. Still no visual, but still, better than the same stage last year when you couldn't get much more than the odd snatch of unidentified riffage. (At this stage I was still thinking there might be a systemic problem with the feed rather than deficiencies at this end).

The game plan was to scribble down notes as things went on, with the iPad for reference purposes, checking back to Billy Hollems' set lists from previous years, that sort of thing but with nothing to look at I can tap away, which might save time later on. I'd rather be losing time later, if you catch my drift.

11:51 Warren: How ya doin'? Welcome home.

11:52 Worried Down With The Blues. Well, maybe some of us are, but I'm worried down with the lack of vision and subsequently finding it hard to maintain focus.

11:54 Momentary sonic glitch.

Switching back and forth from living room to office to check the email find a comment from Mr Curatolo suggesting those experiencing difficulties close the window and go back in, and a comment that JamCam 2 works nicely for someone. That may well be true for someone, but not for me.

12:00 Start of an instrumental that I think might be Kind of Bird, but preoccupation with other matters has me unable to get into things as much as I'd like. 

Suspect the problem might lie with need to update Flash Player on laptop (I know we should really be doing these things well before the start, but Madam has commandeered the laptop as her computing platform of choice and I'm reluctant to deprive her of access, so left it till nearly starting time to plug things in). Will check at half time.

Subsequent investigations reveal that, yes, it is Kind of Bird.

Curatolo (via email): Or maybe Instrumental Illness. Or maybe something else. 


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