Something Important?

So let's just tackle that last bit point by point, shall we? 

More or less as Ballantyne did as he took himself to the front door, switched off the security alarm there and admitted the caller.

The office at the back of the building was separately alarmed, so he didn't have to do this every Saturday and Sunday.

Brian Moran, pronounced More-ann was the president of the Katherine branch of the Australian Labor Party and was wont to be pernickety about pronunciation. 

Factional and political rivals were less so, preferring More-on to More-ann.

As you would, under the circumstances.

Drove past the surgery a couple of minutes ago and saw your car in the car park, however, was bullshit.

The car hadn't been there a couple of minutes ago. 

It had been there for ninety seconds at the outside, and it wasn't his car.

Ballantyne's car was a weatherbeaten four-wheel drive that usually sported a decent patina of red dust. 

A kid dropped by to run a hose over Belinda's Bomb once a fortnight.

Although Ballantyne suspected that he knew what something important was, he wasn't letting on.


© Ian Hughes 2017