Late Scratchings

"On Monday morning,? Moran went on, "we had four nominations for that second spot on the ticket. Yourself, Bugalugs and two others. One of each gender."

"Two of the names I have question marks after are sheilas," Ballantyne observed. "And we know Bugalugs was more or less out of the running. So what happened?"

"Monday morning the president of the Territory branch of the CFMEU got a phone call about his bloke."

"That would be another bloke named George? Ballantyne inquired.

"No names, no pack drill. But it seems this bloke has issues with unpaid child support and domestic violence, like that Murri in the Queensland Parliament had. And the CFMEU don't like that sort of shit. So there went his support."

"So that left the sheila, whoever she is," Ballantyne observed.

"That leaves the sheila," Moran agreed, "who had an unfortunate encounter with the constabulary in the Alice last night."

There was a pause while this snippet sank in.

"Picked up a police escort when she drove out of the car park at the pub where she'd gone to play the pokies. Followed her down the road for a couple of hundred metres and then pulled her over and hit her with the breathalyser."


© Ian Hughes 2017