Counting the Rivals

And, all the while he was getting people on side and gathering feet on the ground. 

He needed people to drop leaflets in letterboxes and knock on doors.

He reckoned he needed at least one source in any significant office, community, workplace or QUANGO, and most of them would be sporting at least two useful hats.

So, while the factional wheeler-dealing went on, Ballantyne built his network, and, incidentally, managed to keep abreast of the latest developments, even if most of them were taking place in back rooms behind closed doors.

Along the way, he got his nomination form in, so everyone knew his hat was in the ring and sat back to see which names joined it.

Bugalugs was there already. 

That was fine. 

Bugalugs would be withdrawing when the shit looked like it was headed for the fan. If Ballantyne was the only other hat in the ring, the spot was his.

But, predictably, it wasn't.


© Ian Hughes 2017